Dr. Brandt Skincare

Dr. Brandt Skincare

Monday, October 16, 2006 by Wendy Lam

I recently learned about this skincare by Dr. Brandt and is eager to get a few for my mom to try out. My mom has very smooth skin, but she has a few lines here and there, so being a good daughter (haha) I will get her some. Many celebs like Madonna, Brad Pitt, Kristen Davis, Cher, Gwenyth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, etc. use his products. If anyone tried this before, leave some testimonials! Check out some of the popular products after the jump…

Cop Dr. Brandt products @ Nordstrom.com

Madonna uses the Dr. Brandt Lineless® Eye Cream

Madonna uses the Dr. Brandt Crease Release® Rapid Wrinkle Reducer

Brad Pitt uses the Dr. Brandt Laser Tight

Cher uses the Dr. Brandt Crease Release® Rapid Wrinkle Reducer, Dr. Brandt Lineless® Eye Cream and Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion

Kristen Davis uses the Dr. Brandt Infinite Moisturizer & Dr. Brandt Lineless® Cream


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