Paris Fashion Week #5 – CHANEL

Paris Fashion Week #5 – CHANEL

Saturday, October 7, 2006 by Wendy Lam

The long awaited for CHANEL fashion show is here! Since my favorite brand is CHANEL, I dedicate this whole post to it! I luv the jewelry and handbags in this show. Its the best so far (IMO), I just <3 Karl Lagerfield! Looks like metallic gold and silver is going to be really hit and also CROC skin bags, don’t forget the tweed pieces and the classic quilted handbags. Also look out for the biker style bangles!! I bet everyone’s going to get a pair of those sunglasses too haha. Watch out for them! The jewels and handbags are to die for…don’t believe me? Peep them after the jump…

*I’m going to head out now…but stay tuned for the Paris Fashion Show #5 when I return!



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