Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Friday, September 29, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Just wanted to wish myself a Happy Birthday haha! Nuttin’ to celebrate about, its really just another day, but just need to thank my parents for having me!! The fun comes tonight and in the next few days!

Thanks to my BK Gurlz that took me out on September 23 – City Crab (pics coming soon, I promise) for an early birthday dinner. More dinners 09.29, 09.30, 10.01, 10.07 and a few more dates not set yet haha (I’m gonna get so fat, this happens every year)! Thanks to those that got me presents…keep them coming haha. Thanks to all the people for the text messages, IMs, calls and emails! I feel <3'd!


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