A Look Into The Bottega Veneta Factory…

A Look Into The Bottega Veneta Factory…

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 by Wendy Lam

I’m sure everyone doesn’t really think about how a handbag is made when they see an “IT” bag they like, including myself. Here I have a few pictures of the Bottega Veneta factory @ Piazza del Duomo (Milan, Italy). It is very interesting to look how the workers make the bags. Also, there are some new BV handbags, clutches, shoes and jewelry after the jump…

Antique Sterling Silver Bracelet & Snakeskin Sterling Silver Handbag

Red Clutch & Antique Sterling Silver Bracelets

Alligator Skin Handbag

Snakeskin Handbag

Home Products

Photographer: ???
Model: Hope@Look Models


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