Balenciaga Quilted Handbag

Balenciaga Quilted Handbag

Monday, September 11, 2006 by Wendy Lam


Check out this new Balenciaga quilted handbag. I have mixed feelings about it, its nice but I feel like this: Chanel x Marc Jacobs x Balenciaga haha. It has the 3 designers features in 1 bag, can be a good or bad thing. The brown seems to be my pick at the moment, till I see it in person. The black one is wayyyyy too “Chanel”. I’ve spoke to my sales rep at Balenciaga and she said there are 2 sizes (I will post the dimensions as soon as she writes me). Small is $1795 and the large is $1995, wow kinda steep for me because I would definitely want the larger one haha.

God I am so jealous of Lindsay Lohan, she has EVERY bag!! Peep her with this brown Balenciaga quilted handbag after the jump…


nice outfit…and of course the bag!

even though her outfit is ridiculous here, her bag is pretty fab!

i think she’s trying to scare someone here…and its working hahaha


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