A Closer View @ 6267 F/W 2006 RTW Collection

A Closer View @ 6267 F/W 2006 RTW Collection

Monday, September 11, 2006 by Wendy Lam

MILAN, February 21, 2006 – At whom is 6267 aimed? “Tutto,” enthused Tommaso Aquilano, who with partner Roberto Rimondi won Vogue’s Who Is on Next competition last season. While 6267’s fall collection (the line is named after the number Rimondi was assigned at summer camp) might not actually suit every woman, it had a lot to offer—especially for those with a taste for elegance and an eye for line. – style.com

This is the first time I’ve noticed this brand.Iit has a very interesting name, being numbers it was very different so that caught my attention. This line of clothing is very feminine and the material is very nice too. The cutting may look simple, but it has a stereoscopic effect to it. Peep some of the items from their line after the jump…

More of 6267 @ style.com

Designers of 6267


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