Rihanna in Zac Posen for Fashion Rocks

Rihanna in Zac Posen for Fashion Rocks

Wednesday, September 6, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Once she found out that she’d be performing at the Conde Nast-sponsored concert, she contacted Posen about her wardrobe: She’d need a dress for the red carpet, another to perform in and another for a “secret appearance,” she explained.

Posen said that meant she’d need to be able to move in all her outfits. No problem. “Our clothing is made for dancing,” he told The Associated Press with a smile.

Soon after disappearing into a changing room surely much smaller than the dressing rooms she’s used to, she emerged in a clingy pink V-neck sweater dress with a pink and silver chiffon satin slip as an overlay.

Posen said: “She can flirt with the camera in this. … It’s naughty, it’s sweet. There’s a touch of nostalgia. It had to be elegant rock ’n’ roll, not gaudy rock ’n’ roll.”

The next outfit was a seafoam green babydoll dress with a V-neck halter and gold sunbursts around the hem.

He was trying to play up her “real figure,” Posen explained. “Young people look up to her. Rihanna has an ideal body for clothing.”

“I love that it makes my waist look like it’s two inches!” Rihanna gushed. “But there’s also movement and I’m comfortable because it’s not too short.”

Rihanna is working it, she was trying on Zac Posen‘s new line of dresses last week for Conde Nast’s Fashion Rocks event on September 8. Most of the stuff she rocks looks good on her b/c she’s got a nice body and plus she’s tall, very proportional. This deep v dress looks hot on her, very sexy. I quite like Rihanna, especially her song “Unfaithful”…it’s on repeat haha. Peep the other dresses after the jump…


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