Soba-ya – 08.18.2006

Soba-ya – 08.18.2006

Tuesday, September 5, 2006 by Wendy Lam

229 E 9th Street, Ste 3
New York, NY 10003

The Scene
In a small setting on East 9th Street’s Japanese row, diners can watch soba and udon noodles being cut and hung to dry. Noodle bowls are mixed with tempura vegetables, mountain yam, mushrooms, or spiced with curry or cold citrus dipping sauces. Fried appetizers, tuna steak and other dishes are also available, as well as an assortment of sakes, graphed on the menu according to flavor components. – Citysearch

I wanted to eat udon so badly so B recommended this place, we came her on a the wait was about 30-40mins. This is a very “Japanese” place, most of the people eating in there were Japanese and I really liked the feel of this place. The food was good and the service was not bad too. I’d def go back for some more udon! Peep the meal after the jump…

AGEDASHI TOFU – Fried Tofu in Broth, same like everywhere else

NABEYAKI Udon Served in a Pot with Shrimp Tempura, Chicken, Egg, Fish Cake & Mushrooms – me and B each ordered one of these – the noodles were very smooth and the soup base was good!


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