nitro:licious Email Newsletter/Subscription

nitro:licious Email Newsletter/Subscription

Saturday, September 2, 2006 by Wendy Lam

I’m not sure if you guys noticed that I’ve added a newsletter/subcription to my sidebar months ago. If not, I’m reminding you guys to subscribe to it, you guys will not receive spam and of course I won’t be selling your email addresses to third parties! It is just for my personal use, to see how many dedicated readers are out there. Or just in case I have inside scoop of any sort, important updates to share with you guys or contests, that way I can just get all my dedicated subscribers in one email.

You guys will receive a daily email of what’s updated on my site and of course you guys can OPT-OUT anytime (but why would you haha). Please remember to VERIFY your email addresses after you subscribed!


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