Acrylic Tips…NOT the Typical Ones!!

Acrylic Tips…NOT the Typical Ones!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Jolin Tsai, famous Taiwanese Pop Singer/Actress

If you’re familiar with who Jolin Tsai is you will probably know that one of her favorite accessories is her nails. She gets really funky and creative with them, usually to match her outfits in music videos, photoshoots, award ceremonies, etc. You get the deals, but she’s not the first to start the trend. I believe it was Japanese Pop Star Ayumi Hamasaki that started this craze! I personally LUV Ayumi she’s so cute and stylish, her style is HOTNESS! And, after Jolin Tsai comes Rainie Yang (famous Taiwanese Pop Singer/Actress) rockin’ the acrylic tips.

I personally luv getting my nails done, but never gone that extreme like the superstars, cuz gurl I need to WORK haha. I don’t sit there and just look pretty, but I do try to get creative with the designs. I don’t have long nails cuz I tend to bite them off…oops, so getting tips is good for me and I luv the sound of it when I type hahah. Unfortunately, the nail technicians here aren’t as “creative” as the one’s in Japan & Taiwan, so even if I wanted something crazy they can’t really do it. I’ll try something when I visit Asia haha.

Wanna get crazy with your nails, take a look at the basic tips and check out the Ayumi, Jolin & Rainie’s nails after the jump…

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

I hate the gold flower haha it messed up the look of the nails…but some may like it

now this is too much, the flowers don’t really go with the look lolz

Ayumi Hamasaki

Jolin Tsai

Rainie Yang


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