LA Trip: Day #4 – The Ivy – 07.29.2006

LA Trip: Day #4 – The Ivy – 07.29.2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006 by Wendy Lam

The Ivy
113 N Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

The Scene
Co-owner (with husband Richard Irving) Lynn von Kersting installed a white picket fence in front of the patio and antique French garden chairs on it. Pre-dating shabby chic, the interior is cluttered with peeling, painted furniture, faded chintz, old paintings and more American flags than a revival meeting. Celebrity sightings are commonplace–everyone from J.Lo to Adrien Brody have graced this fixture on the power-dining map. – Citysearch

Who doesn’t know ‘The Ivy’? It’s a place where Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica & Ashlee Simpson, Mischa Barton, etc. hang out, I can go on with all the celebrities! That’s the reason why Carla and I wanted to go there, experience why this place is “all that”. But damn I gotta tell you the food is amazing there, it’s pricey for lunch but well worth it hahaha! The bill was over $200 but thank god B wasn’t cheap, he took the bill (awww thanks!). No stars were there that day, cuz it was 12pm haha. I definitely want to go back there when I visit LA again! Peep he interior and food after the jump…

My strawberry smoothie & Carla’s Iced Tea

Fried Calamari….ooooooh so good!

Special of the Day: MY Lobster Linguinie…I’m dreaming about it right this moment!!!!!!

B’s Grilled Shrimp with Rice – damn delicious!

Carla’s Seared Tuna Sandwich – she said it was amazing

Her man’s Seafood Fish and Chips…looks good cuz its fried haha


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