Puma Mongolian BBQ…Part 2

Puma Mongolian BBQ…Part 2

Thursday, August 3, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Back in 2005 PUMA launched their Mongolian Shoe BBQ site, offering the Cabana Racer. This month PUMA relaunched their BBQ site and is now offering the RS100, one of my favorite shoes in their collection! The site is very visually creative, it offers a virtual cooking experience, where you use a chopstick to pick up materiels of your choice and place it on the parts of the sneaker you desire.

There are a lot of new materials, fabrics and colors to choose from…a bit overwhelming but the more choices the better. But it’s all just about mixing it up and making a pair of sneakers that no one else has right? I already knew how I wanted my shoe to look like, it would have the nitro:licious theme of course! I couldn’t find the right pink, they only offered a pastel pink which is not what I wanted so I opted for the rose color. There are 20 steps to complete the shoe, a bit long but it allows you to customize each and every part of the shoe. The process took me about 30 mins, but the great thing about this site is that it does not ‘time out’, you can either leave it on overnight or save it to your locker and come back to work on it the next day.

Thanks to PUMA, I’ve had a great experience ‘cooking’ up my one of a kind RS100. Creativity is the key, there’s no ‘right or wrong’ in making your one of a kind shoe! Check out my experience after the jump…

> PUMA Mongolian Shoe BBQ


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