Marc Jacobs (LV) x Nigo (BAPE) = LV-Girl

Marc Jacobs (LV) x Nigo (BAPE) = LV-Girl

Tuesday, July 11, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Check out this LV-Girl phone strap! The collaboration between two great minds: Marc Jacobs & Nigo, how cute!! It is limited to 1500 pieces and are given to the guests that were invited to the Show & Party with Marc Jacobs for LV Women’s Collection FW ’06-’07 fashion show in Japan. DAMN lucky guests!! I’m guessing (I can’t read Japanese and the translator ain’t much help neither) that you get your invitation via your mobile (correct me if I’m wrong please!). If someone can read Japanese, please translate it for me!! Thanks in advance! But regardless, this phone strap is mad cute!

via Secret Base

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