Updates on My Sidebar…

Updates on My Sidebar…

Friday, June 23, 2006 by Wendy Lam

hey guys did you guys noticed the subtle changes with my site? Here’s a lil rundown of what has been added/updated, feel free to browse around and leave me comments/suggestions so I can further improve my site! luv ya all!!


  • comments in posts – please leave me comments/suggestions if you have any thoughts at all, or just to say hi)
  • email subscription – this is not a newsletter, it is to receive my updates via email. it is good if your company/school blocks the site…sign up now! of course you will not receive spam!
  • if you have any questions/comments/suggestions or interesting topics relating to my site please submit it and i’ll be sure to put it up if it’s in my interest!
  • retrogurl’s shop guide – i’m hoping you guys can participate and send in some kewl shops and/or online shops – it’s still under construction
  • retrogurl’s kickz collection – haven’t had a chance to put that together yet, but it will be coming soon…
  • please visit my sponors – lvfinder, kicksfinder & bapefinder

what do you guys want to see more of?


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