H&M Luv #21 – 06.15.2006

H&M Luv #21 – 06.15.2006

Friday, June 16, 2006 by Wendy Lam

H&M What’s in store for June 15, 2006…

The weather is really pissing me offfffff! It’s mad hot one day and then mad cold the next. Today is blazin’ hot, I see guys shirtless and gurls in their see-through tank tops. Of course I’m stuck at work on a gorgeous day, but thank god it’s FRIDAY!

I definitely need to get in “shape” cuz all these dinky lil clothes gonna make me look obese! =( time to cut out the chips & soda outta my life (well until summer is over haha), can I do that? DAMN…forget bout me, I took a lot of in-store pics this time since a lot of people never went to H&M (none where they live or just afraid of the crowds), also check out some of my buys & picks this week…

Check out what’s good after the jump…

mannn…i went to 3 H&Ms to look for this and i finally got it!

copped this with a quickness! soooooooooo cute, remember the polka dot ones a few months ago?

thought this was pretty cute, gonna cut off the collar…i luv off the shoulder! *this is a men’s shirt, got a small in it*

cute shoes i got for work or just casual wear

picks: sleeveless plaid shirt

picks: denim dress

got the rose necklace

copped these too

picks: cute phone accessory but i got too many ish on mine already ahah

this is such a cute dresssss…it fits nicely too…copped

picks: black puff sleeve shirt

picks: green puff sleeve shirt

gonna wear it with a white tee inside!

one of the reasons why I bought this in the first place haha

nice nautical shirt, great with my new jeans!

picks: short shorts…sooooooooo cute…


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