Beams x Kubi Tee

Beams x Kubi Tee

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Leo Koo posin’ with his Beams x Kubi Tee

In the past, Beams T collaborated with many artists in Japan but never an artist in Hong Kong. This is the first time they’ve collaborated with a HK artist. Leo Koo designed the 1st Anniversary Tee for Hong Kong Beams Store. Leo is known for having the talent to draw and Kubi is his character.

The tee released in June, in both Japan and Hong Kong. All profits will go to HK’s Red Cross, what a good cause! This tee definitely reminds me of the Hermes logo.

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Check out the pics after the jump…

Director of Beams T & Leo Koo

Leo Koo spraying his “Kubi” character on the wall


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