H&M Luv #20 – 06.09.2006

H&M Luv #20 – 06.09.2006

Monday, June 12, 2006 by Wendy Lam

H&M What’s in store for June 9, 2006…

I’ve been pretty good, I told myself to only shop at H&M once a week. All my new stuff is still in the original bag for months…oops! So I finally let loose and hit up H&M on Friday after work, gosh I was there forever!! So many ladies trying on clothes and the lines were mad long for the fitting rooms and registers!! But I wasn’t annoyed at all, my mind is trained in H&M haha…very very used to it. If you’re not a frequent shopper there, it will take some time to adjust. Most of my friends get annoyed even stepping into the store, they ask me how I  can stand it and find nice things! I have my own system at H&M haha…

Check out my picks & buys after the jump…

copped this, it’s so cute!

pretty cute, but not on me…didn’t cop this

luv the shorts, didn’t cop this

couldn’t find my size in these white capris, only size 12 left…sigh

copped this, reminds me of a ballerina…hope it looks nice on me haha, imma rock it with a tee inside!

yes yes, a lot of shirt dresses…luv the Jamaican colors =)

polka dottttttts

luv this nautical skirt…copped it!

front – luv this top too…actually rockin’ it today haha


plaid dress…

luv this dress, gonna rock it with a belt to make the waist smaller

plaid shirt, good for work but didn’t cop

colorful jewelry

copped this cute frame bag


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