Sneakerhead Wedding – H&T 05.07.2006

Sneakerhead Wedding – H&T 05.07.2006

Friday, May 12, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Congrats to Holam & Tiffany on their big day! Who said sneakers are inapropriate for “serious” occassions, take a look at this wedding I went to. It proves sneakers can be worn with a suit, no doubt! See how “hot” the groom & my bro looks a suit and a pair of hot kickz.

The groom wore a pair of all white patent leather Converse, a pair I’ve never seen before. He purchased it in Japan. I’m not really a Converse person (I don’t own any) but those looked pretty damn hot!

My bro wore the famous Nike x Supreme Blazers in black, that was fierce! None of the gurlz rocked kickz including me, I had to look more lady that night haha…
Take a closer look after the jump…

Sneak Peak…

There it is!

My bro wit his blazers & my cuz with his shoes…which do you prefer?


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