Nike Dunk Low iD – AKA Pink Patent

Nike Dunk Low iD – AKA Pink Patent

Monday, May 1, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Nike Dunk Low iDAKA Pink Patent

Check out these hot kickz! I was droolin’ over CP’s hot AKA pink patent iD’s the night I went to the Joga Bonito – ‘From Street to Stadium’ opening receiption! It’s hotness!! Damn I wish I can get a set haha…dreaming!

What these are all about…

The AKA wet looks are a set of seven different colorways that originated from the wet look spread in the AKA v.1 book. Nike iD only made 2 sets of the 7 all patent leather colorways, luckily CP working at nike got her hands on a pair of pink patents. One set is going to be on display at Alife NYC in the next couple days, shortly following the second set will be an ebay auction for a set of size 9’s, the money will go to charity. It will also include special edition AKA copies signed books by the artist that participated. – directly from the man, Julio – AKA NYC (thanks for the info!)


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