“Skin good enough to eat”

“Skin good enough to eat”

Saturday, April 15, 2006 by Wendy Lam


Wow, just saw these ads on Ella Baché‘s beauty site, they are sexual but not in a dirrty way…rather humorous. Smart approach because in this society, SEX sells! I actually want to try her products after seeing these ads haha I want “skin good enough to eat” too!! I think all gurlz want that…=X

Known for our outstanding, quirky and often humorous advertising, in September we launched our latest ad campaign for 2002-2003 with the message “Skin good enough to eat”.

Created by hot new agency BMF, the concept behind the campaign is that you wear your skin like a garment, and like garments, you must adapt your skincare needs to each season.

The campaign is broken up into 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each of the seasons highlights different skincare needs: in spring your skin requires reviving and preparation for summer; summer skin needs extra moisture and sun protection; by autumn skin needs repair; and in the dehydrating winter months skin needs extra hydration.

Featuring 4 different models, who look as though they are wearing a “second skin”, the images are extremely eye-catching and demand a closer look.

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