Breaking News: D-12 Rapper Proof Shot and Killed

Breaking News: D-12 Rapper Proof Shot and Killed

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 by Wendy Lam


D-12 member Proof was shot and killed in Detroit earlier this morning at an after hours club on Eight Mile Road. Proof, born Deshaun Hotlon, was one of two murders at the CCC club this morning. While the identity of the second man was not known, sources told that fellow group member Bizarre may have been the second man murdered. Both men suffered gunshot wounds to the head and were taken to a local hospital where they were pronounced dead. One witness was being questioned by the police, who are still seeking suspects.

DAMN, why is there mad hate in this world! I don’t get this ish…aint gotta take no one’s life to release your anger. Our world needs some peace & harmony…sigh R.I.P. Proof

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Edit 04.12.2006

A 28-year-old man suspected of fatally shooting rapper Proof of D12 turned himself in today (April 12). Mario Etheridge, 28, of Detroit is being detained by the police for allegedly shooting the rapper during an altercation inside of the C.C.C. nightclub. Etheridge was also a bouncer at the C.C.C. nightclub. Police said he is a relative of Keith Bender Jr., the bouncer who was allegedly shot by Proof during the fight, which took place around 4:30 am Tuesday. Police said Proof, born Deshaun Holton, pistol-whipped and shot Bender during the fight. Etheridge allegedly open fire on the rapper, striking him four times in the head and chest. Authorities are still investigating the incident, but police said the 28-year-old was cooperating with authorities. Bender, a former Sgt. in the United States Army, is on life support in critical condition.

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