Nets vs Suns Game – 03.27.2006

Nets vs Suns Game – 03.27.2006

Tuesday, April 4, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Event: Nets vs Suns
Date: 03.27.2006
Time: 7:30PM
Location: Continental Airlines Arena
Seats: Skybox (thanks for the free tickets Tan!)

Pictures as promised, this was my 2nd Basketball game and I really enjoyed it! Even though I don’t know much about how the game goes haha I like the atmosphere and people there. I think I should learn how the game goes…oops.

I’ve been sleeping on this…so here it goes…

On our way into the arena

No clue what these were but they looked kinda kewl haha

Outside the arena

NJ Nets Slymobile

Inside the arena

Our own entrance to the skybox

Inside the skybox

49:01 mins till the game starts

Peepz starting to get seated…

Players starting to get warmed up

Some of our catered food…wasn’t great but it’s all goodz…

Can’t live without the fried chicken wings & they added biscuits haha


DAMN haha look how far behind the Suns are…

Catching up?

Nets beat Suns beautifully!

End of the game…Good Night!


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