Want Anime Lookin’ Eyes? Peep this…

Want Anime Lookin’ Eyes? Peep this…

Thursday, March 9, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Decided to take a more realistic pic of my pair! THEY are FIYA!!!

I didn’t realize Korea is so up-to-date with their color contacts. NYC has got nuttin’ on them! My new contacts that I been rockin’ feelin’ it? Hahah its from a Korean brand called Bescon. If you’re interested in gettin’ them drop me a line with your email. These are on FIYA…matter of fact, I got them babies on now! Makes your eyes look watery and sparkly…off the hook!

*edit: My supplier no longer has anymore in stock, if she gets anymore I’ll update. Until then please do not ask me where to purchase these, b/c I don’t know. Thanks.


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