H&M Luv #3 – 03.07.2006

H&M Luv #3 – 03.07.2006

Tuesday, March 7, 2006 by Wendy Lam

H&M What’s in store for March 07, 2006…

Haven’t had an H&M update for a HOT MIN! But I been going in there everyday of the week haha. Working near the flagship H&M is not a good idea haha. I know you all been waitin’ for this…so here’s a big update for all the fans.

FYI, I don’t always buy/keep everything you see me post. Usually I just take photos in the store or get it then go home and try it. I hate trying on clothes there, there’s always a huge line! Some stuff are for my “clients” and friends haha but of course I keep the really cute ones!

A lot of my friends ask me how I find nice stuff in the store when its so messy and crowded. Also, people always compliment what I wear and when I tell them its from H&M they all look shocked and refuse to believe it haha.

Who says “cheap stuff” can’t look good? It’s ‘you’ wearing the clothes, NOT the ‘clothes’ wearing ‘you’. I am totally OBSESSED with that store, I never get bored of it. The only time when I get crazy is when they don’t have my size or its sold out.

Polka dots are soooo CUTE!

I luv stripes too…

H&M has got some HOT panties!! 


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