Apple Video iPod Full Screen vs Acer MP-500

Apple Video iPod Full Screen vs Acer MP-500

Monday, February 27, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Think Secret can confirm recent rumblings that Apple is nearing completion of a completely revamped video iPod that will shed the ubiquitous mechanical click wheel for a touch screen and will sport a 3.5-inch diagonal display. Apple has announced it will hold a special event Tuesday, February 28 to show off some “fun new products”.Whoa! That is HOTNESS, hopefully it will drop REALLLLLLLLL soon because I definitely need a new iPod haha. I’ve using the 2nd generation iPod for a hot min…oopz…


Found this article on Engadget talking about, Acer apparently on the verge of releasing its MP-500 media player, and the specs include a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, 20-40GB hard drive, support for most common audio and video formats, video out and a battery life of 4-8 hours. It’s expected out in Europe next month at a price of between $350 and $415.

Damn, all the companies out there has got to step up their GAME if they wanna compete with Apple. This Acer media player is pretty TIGHT too! But I still prefer the Apple iPod haha.


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