Louis Vuitton Perforated Speedy 30

Louis Vuitton Perforated Speedy 30

Wednesday, February 22, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Haven’t been into LV for a minute already…just because they keep making their limited edition items into general release after a few months. I find it kind of annoying, it first started with the Mult-colored items, then the Denim items…

This general release item is a must-have! HOTNESSSSS! It’s on fire…I personally like the green inlay, but the pink is the most popular color (as shown). Not sure if I will get one…been getting crazy calls from LV asking me if I want this bag…but I might just have to chill for min…spoiling myself a bit too much…haha…its $1200 if you guys are interested. You should keep checking eLUXURY.com, sometimes 1 or 2 may come in if you’re lucky enough!

*edit: 03.10.3006 – GUESS WAT???!!!!! I OFFICIALLY OWN THIS IN GREEN!!! My sweet doggie copped it for me!!! OMG so happyyyyyy, the bag is soooooooooo HOT. Got all ’em haterz grillin’ hahahh oops. But its so unique and the green just illuminates the whole place when you walk thru…move B!tch get out the way!

*edit: 02.23.2006 – found some pictures on ebay…crazy selling prices! totally not worth it…IMO. I personally think the green one is so much more unique…stylin’…what you guys think?

*Pictures taken from ebay…


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