If you have a question to ask me, post a comment and I’ll answer it here. Since so many people email and ask the same questions I thought it might be easier to have this up. Please refrain from asking about my private life, thanks. Also, realize I have other things to do, so it may take a few days, be patient. Ask on…

Q: What is your occupation?
A: Please refrain from asking about my private life.

Q: Where do you live?
A: New York City.

Q: Are you rich? Why do you shop so much?
A: NO, I am not rich (I wish!)…I just work very hard at my day job, you can do the same! I must admit I am a shopaholic, one that is a bit uncontrollable heehee!

Q: What happened to the FeedBurner Mailing List (daily email subscriptions)?
A: I removed it, if you like reading my posts please visit my blog.

Q: Where do you buy your sneakers since you have such small feet (WMNS 6, Boys 4), I have trouble finding my size in hot kickz?!
A: IĀ get my kickz from everywhere, but mostly I cop them at ALIFE, NORT/Recon, Nike Town, NikeStore.com, Active, Transit, Foot Locker and eBay (hard to get shoes or old shoes)…

Q: Where did you buy your Nike Supreme Blazers in size 4? Are you willing to sell it?
A: I bought my red Supreme Blazers at Kendo LA and the white pair was a gift. NO, they are one of my favorite sneakers I will NEVER sell them. If anyone has a black size 4 or 5, holla at me heehee!