South Africa Day 6: Hello Cape Town!

Before I arrived to Cape Town, I’ve been told many good things about the city and I was not disappointed when I landed! Got in late afternoon and got picked up from the airport to head to Kalk Bay, where we were all staying (there was 7 of us). The driver, Tony, drove us on a nice scenic drive through Boyes Drive, it reminded me of Los Angeles so much, especially the drive up to the Hollywood sign. The drive took awhile from the airport, about 45 minutes, but definitely worth it because the view from the house was pretty amazing.

After dropping off of our luggage, some of us went to grab lunch around the area. Kalk Bay reminded me a bit of the Hamptons too. I guess most beach towns are similar right? Stopped by the first restaurant I saw, Saint of the Seas, which is a really cute spot serving fish & chips and burgers. The food was pretty good there and very affordable.

Took a stroll in the area then went back to the house to rest up before dinner. Hardy (STR.CRD) was in charge of cooking the dinner, he started up the grill at the house and did his magic. Dinner was simple and chill but really good, loved it. I was so glad that we stayed in the first night since I wanted a good rest before all the sightseeing activities the next day! More pics after the jump…

Photo taken with Windows Phone


Calamari & Chips

Hake & Chips


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