Chromat Cage Collection

Photo courtesy of Fruition

Currently loving the Chromat Cage Collection, the pieces are pretty amazing and it fits really nicely on the body too. Chromat “draws from theoretical backgrounds in architecture and urban design, and focuses on interior and exterior structural experiments for the human body.” I love that it’s made of elastic so one size fits most, it makes a simple outfit more interesting. Kind of reminds me of a skeleton, love all the pieces but especially the Symmetrical Full Cage, Warm Up Collar (shown), Vaulter Cage Bustier and Crane Shoulders. So fun! The collection is available at Fruition and SHOPJEEN.

More pics after the jump…

Photo courtesy of Fruition

Photo courtesy of SHOPJEEN

Photo courtesy of SHOPJEEN


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  1. Bring up the sci-fi atmosphere on the looks. It's such a great inspiration tough.

  2. looks like the work of my friend, HEATHER HUEY . . .

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