Givenchy Flat Jelly Sandals

I need new flat sandals for the summer, kinda debating whether or not to get these Givenchy Flat Jelly Sandals. I’ve actually debated about Givenchy’s jelly sandals every year and don’t end up buying them. I’m kinda sad that I didn’t get these back in 2009. Wish there were more fun bright colors to choose from but I guess I’ll get the black pair if it’s a go. These retail for $190 at, what do you think?

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  1. I don't think they're very attractive. Especially if they only come in those colors. :/

  2. These are really great. I like them.

  3. Givenchy! I thought that this was finally a ost reminding me why I don't like the brand but… Love the sandals. You should get them, esp. to that price!

  4. toad shoes :((

  5. I've been debating purchasing them too. I looked at them in the store on 5th and was happy & sad, the colors aren't exciting. K'dia aka Mademoiselle K'dia has a pretty purple pair (she has a style blog) I believe she got them in Chicago. I love those, not sure how to track down that color.

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