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For Sunglass Hut’s second look, I styled myself in color and print for a retro glamour look. Every chance I get with a professional hair stylist, I always ask for a fishtail, I’m still trying to master it so I can braid it myself. I wanted my hair to be out of my face since the bright yellow jacket and peplum floral print skirt are busy already, so the fishtail was the best bet and it looked really cool with my ombré hair. This pair of Balenciaga sandal is still one of my faves, it gives me the height and is super sexy. For this look I put together my outfit then chose a pair of sunglasses to match, I went a pair of Dolce & Gabbana brown/dark blue spotted cat eyes for a more feminine feel. I also borrowed photographer Seth Sebal’s furry friend, Pico, to shoot with me. It was Pico’s debut and I was told by Seth that he liked me, how cute is he?

Zara Jacket, Zara Peplum Skirt, Love Zooey Shirt, Balenciaga Cork Platform Sandals, Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sunglass Hut

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  1. lovely picture! and great Zara outfit! Plus that doggie is a real cutie ;)

  2. wendy, are those shoes comfy?

  3. I love this pic!!! Pico is sooo cute ! Your braid looks awesome, and that jacket looks MADE for you!

  4. Love the pairing! And how fun is that?! Cute dog! Is it yours?

  5. Hi!
    I’m from Brazil and i saw your blog on signature9 and i’ll be really glad and honor if you check my website and give your opinion! I’m on this blog thing for 3 years.
    Congrats for your blog btw, it’s awsome!

  6. Love this look Wendy, head to toe perfection. Pico is too cute! He did great for his debut.

  7. Your outfit looks great.

  8. Cool picture !

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