Versace for H&M Ads + Anna Dello Russo @ Paris Fashion Week

On Monday, you’ve seen the first images of the highly anticipated Versace for H&M collection from Vogue Russia and miscellaneous scans, twitpics, etc. Thanks to TFS, we get the first look at the ad campaign. Seriously, can’t wait to see more!

Besides Donatella Versace being the first to wear the Versace for H&M black leather studded dress, of course Anna Dello Russo gets first dibs! She was seen wearing the same dress at Paris Fashion Week. Fab as always. Peep it after the jump…

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Anna Dello Russo wearing the Versace for H&M leather dress with studs at Paris Fashion week.

Photo: Getty, courtesy of H&M

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  1. Tacky collection.

  2. i agree. looks cheap

  3. Pretty hideous. A disappointment after Lanvin.

  4. I love the studs and the prints, especially the studded motorcycle jacket. Very punk. I think it's better than the Lanvin collection.

  5. That first photo is Versace circa 1993. I don't even know anyone who wears Versace anymore, it's so 90's to me.

  6. The 90's are BACK, get out from under your rock.

  7. The Versace collection looks AMAZING! I personally cannot wait!

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