Forever 21 for Hello Kitty

Photos courtesy of Forever 21

Forever 21 and Sanrio announce their first exclusive collaboration, a limited-edition Hello Kitty fashion collection featuring women’s apparel, intimates, hosiery, jewelry and accessories. The Forever 21 for Hello Kitty Exclusive Collection will make its debut on November 18th. How freaking cute is this collaboration? I loves it!

The limited-edition styles includes everything from adorable accessories such as jewelry and bags to socks and tights, also pointelle sweaters, logo tees, cardigans—even a maxi-dress! Priced from $3.80 to just under $30, the limited-edition Forever 21 for Hello Kitty Exclusive Collection will be available in stores and online.

What’s your thoughts on the collection? Kawaii right?

UPDATE 11.02.2011: MORE pics from the collection here!


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  2. Love this! So adorable. Hello Kitty never gets old :)


  3. Is it just me or the model is really skinny? I f this is Hello Kitty, even if it's for adults, doesn't seem to be a very good example for young girls…

    • People are making it tough to be slender these days! I suppose all of us slender women should be taken into custody by the PC Police and force-fed high carb/high fat diets until we are fat! (Can I say fat anymore?) Personally I think she is an attractive young woman who looks just right!

      BTW, the more I look at this the cuter the Kitty fashions look! Kawaii indeed!

    • she's pretty skinny. i think the first few shots make her look extra gangly because she's not wearing pants. i do love her hair and makeup though! and most importantly, the collection looks super cute!!!

    • I agree with you. I think the model is a little too skinny. The clothes seem to be hanging loose on her.

  4. Omg! I want everything!!!!

  5. Love all Hello Kitty stuff.

  6. This is probably one of the best collections of Hello Kitty that F21 has ever featured!

  7. cute!!! i'm so buying a lot!

  8. Oh my gosh, SO kawaii! Although, why doesn't the cardigan on the bottom row have a face? Quality control or it's supposed to be like that? o_O


  10. I will buy everything!! No questions ask! As in, all Hello Kitty outfits in this site!

  11. Best collection of Hello Kitty…..Good job

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