H&M Glamour Collection

Photos courtesy of H&M

This spring, H&M will be launching a collection called “Glamour” – a collection of jackets, shorts, tunics, dresses, overalls, swimwear and accessories (shoes, bags and jewelry). The collection is full of rich colors, bold prints, beads and gold with a special “Glamour” hang tag featured in each garment. I’m not a huge fan of the collection, the only pieces I do like are the leopard print shorts, the plain tan suede jacket, the flats and sandals with hanging beads. The Glamour Collection is slated to launch on March 31, 2011.

Do you like the collection? Check out the preview after the jump…

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  1. really? I love the two printed dresses and the shorts. I’ve been looking for a good leopard staple that was more subtle and less reminiscent of the Cheetah girls than most I’ve seen. These look like they’ll do perfectly.

  2. Not impressed with this collection at all. I don't see any glamour in there whatsoever

  3. wow i love the jewelry

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  4. yikes. what happened, h&m? toorudemag.blogspot.com

  5. I love the 5th jacket (the sequin one), any idea on pricing?

  6. I like the ring….that's about it. The rest looks like something my grandmother would wear. Which is cool for an old lady but not for what H&M is going for.

  7. Hello Wendy,
    I love the collection, do you know exactly the price point for this collection? Thank you.

  8. Gotta get all of those shorts and that blue jumpsuit!

  9. I would have expected more over-the-top pieces…I like the accessories.

  10. wird es diese collection auch online geben???
    also in the online shop???

  11. Those cream dresses look like they could be really pretty on. Personally there isn't much from this collection that I would wear, it's all a bit Dynasty!! Like I could see my Mom wearing some of these pieces, or anyone in their 50's or 60's but not in their 20's! It is so 80's!! All you need is some bouffant hair and HUGE earrings to finish the look!

  12. Not glam enough for me.

  13. not glam.

  14. Glamour…for cougars?

  15. Meeeeeeh.


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