H&M Waste Collection – Fabrics from the Lanvin for H&M Collection

Photos courtesy of H&M

Quite an interesting approach, the Lanvin for H&M collection seems to never want to go away. Selected H&M stores are now offering a small collection called Waste, which has been made from fabric left over from the production of H&M’s designer collaboration with Lanvin. Several different fabrics have been used in the same garment to create new graphic and harlequin patterns. “This mini collection from leftover fabrics looks absolutely wonderful,” says Ann-Sofie. “My favourite piece is the bright, colour-block tunic. It’s perfect for that first spring update.”

I think I’ll need to make a trip to H&M to check out the pieces in person this weekend, interested in the striped and zebra tops. Please note the Waste collection will not be sold in China, Turkey, Russia, Middle East and Israel. More pics after the jump…

UPDATE 02.01.2011: The collection is available at NYC’s Flagship Store (640 Fifth Avenue), I don’t know which other stores. Peep the info here.

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  1. Cool! When does it come out?

  2. Do you know which 'select' stores?

  3. this is a lovely idea!

  4. WHEN will it be?

  5. yeah, which stores? I like the clothes. Much better than the Lanvin collection

  6. It looks almost better than the real collection :)

  7. well if you want to look like a clown go ahead.

  8. omg! i love these better than lanvin lol which locations have em? r they out already?

  9. Fantastic idea!!! Ecofriendly and awesome at the same time!!! The block dress is my fave :)

  10. I love the multicolored zigzag tote!

  11. It does look like waste!

  12. Not feeling the clothes, but I love the concept.

  13. i like only the first jacket and not so much… for the i dislike this collection and lanvin collection too.

  14. I was in Oslo last week and bought the black and white geometric patterned tote. Its really cute but had no idea til now it was leftover waste material from the Lanvin collection until i read this! Regret not buying the multicolored tote as i thought they were available in all stores. Tote retails for 299 nok in Norway.

  15. i love those tote bags. I'm not really feeling all the clothes but looks OK though.

  16. they look like clown outfits and 1940's inmate uniforms.

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