Tucker by Gaby Basora for Target [First Look]

Friday, August 6, 2010 by Wendy Lam

It’s been almost four months since I reported that Target will be launching Tucker by Gaby Basora, a limited edition collection for fall 2010. Recently I’ve been getting quite a lot of emails asking when they’ll see the images, thanks to reader lucy92 we now have the first look from Sarah Parlow. I’ve previewed the collection at the Target press preview a few months back and there are some great pieces, wish I can post now but I can’t. Be patient, it will come soon…

The Tucker collection will launch on September 12, 2010 through October 17, 2010. Stay tuned…

Above: Fleece Jumpsuit ($44.99) and the Signature Dress ($39.99) with the Reversible Quilted Vest ($24.99)

UPDATE: Check out the collection preview here.

Herringbone Jacket ($44.99)



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13 thoughts on “Tucker by Gaby Basora for Target [First Look]

  1. i'd like this stuff better if target didn't support politics and give money towards groups that condone violence toward gays.

  2. I'm all over that Herringbone Hoodie jacket… MINE !
    The Fleece Jumpsuit (pictured) would be great for
    entertaining at home … back in the old days
    they had "evening pyjama's" for hanging out/entertaining
    at night with friends at home. This is perfect for that.
    On second thought, if you throw on
    that Herringbone Hoodie with the fleece Jumpsuit,
    you're set. Either way. MINE !

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