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Friday, July 23, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Photos: Target

Many of you guys have expressed interest in the Dolce Vita for Target footwear collection after seeing the first look at the Target East Harlem Store Opening Party post, here’s more! There’s no official press release about this from Target but I did find a few more styles than what I thought was just a one style release. Looks like there are four styles in this collection: Lace-Up Boots in black and brown ($34.99), Buckle Ankle Boots in black ($34.99), Oxford Flats in black ($29.99), Studded Oxford Flats in grey ($29.99) and Studded Ballet Flats ($29.99) in black, gold and pewter (thanks lucy92 for the links to the flats). The shoes are are all faux leather. None of the shoes are available for sale on yet but the Lace-Up Boots (black and brown) are available at Target East Harlem store. Apparently, they’re scheduled to officially launch on August 22nd. Look out for them!

The Buckle Ankle Boots and Studded Oxford Flats are pretty cute, I might cop those when they release. Do you like any of the shoes? Bigger pics after the jump…

UPDATE: The collection is currently available on, search “Dolce Vita“!



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14 thoughts on “Dolce Vita for Target

  1. not crazy about the toe part either, but I do like the 3 buckle boot. kinda look cheap as well but I suppose pictures don't do justice, gotta go to the store and check it out

  2. They already started carrying the Dolce Vita shoes at my store and while the grey and black oxfords look really nice (they have a great structure to them), the buckle boots look terrible. The buckles were very lightweight and cheap, and the faux leather material was very flimsy and and definitely just looked like plastic.

  3. I actually checked them out yesterday and they look ridiculously CHEAP!!!! The Cynthia Vincent line was way better. They are $29.99 though. What should I expect.

  4. I just purchased the lace up boots and they are so comfy and cute!!! I can't wait to wear them this fall! I received many complements on them in the store before I even made it to check out. I really enjoy the shiny appeal of the boots because they "take the edge off" and soften the GI Jane look.

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