VOGUE Korea May 2010: Hyori Lee x Jeremy Scott for adidas

Previously you’ve seen Korean pop star Hyori Lee featured in the adidas Originals Women’s Spring/Summer 2010 Video Lookbook, now she rockin’ Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals by Originals in a VOGUE Korea editorial. Love the shoot, she looks fabulous! Still waiting for some of the Jeremy Scott for adidas stuff to hit the stores, no luck just yet!

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  1. I hate the one of her holding two basketballs.

  2. The model is beautiful, and so is the photography!

  3. is it just me or from a glance she looks like kimora lee simmons? hyori's new image makes her lose her sex appeal which she's mostly known for in korea…. i guess she didn't want to hop onto the gaga train.

  4. I think the model is pretty, but she's got some serious hat hair going on imo

  5. so interesting! sporty yet stylish!

  6. I’m not feeling this… Her hair looks like it was a mistake… Her poses are boring.. her face has no expression… I know it’s Jeremy Scott but she’s wearing active wear! Can she be a little more.. dynamic??? Exciting? Something????

  7. Her hair is great! Some people have no real style and are so RACIST. Her hair is just like a person of color being Hispanic or Black and it's the most beautifut, thickest hair ever. She's gorgeous and the hair is the icing on the cake!

  8. Hyori is a gorgeous girl and I really love the styling.
    But I do agree that the facial expressions could be more varied

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