H&M Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Preview [Part 2]

Monday, April 5, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Last month, I’ve posted a preview from H&M’s showroom with some spring 2010 products and a preview for May/June products, here’s more coming to stores soon. Went by to H&M‘s showroom for another visit and was excited to see new spring/summer 2010 samples, lots of maxi dresses, cute shoes and accessories, body con dresses, floral skirts, fun graphic tees and swimwear. These products should be hitting H&M stores sometime this or in May.

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17 thoughts on “H&M Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Preview [Part 2]

  1. beautiful but unfair,because I know that H&M gives the best clothes to USA,do you know will that change,I live in europe–

  2. i disagree, i think H&M gives higher quantities of the better “trend” items to europe. i think they want americans to buy basics at H&M.

  3. Well I think it depends on the country 😉 I live in Poland and you can buy clothes from the “Trend” section or other limited ones only in one to three stores in all my country. Even not limited pieces go to not so many shops (most of the dresses from the ordinary H&M’s collections), but the number is a bit bigger than for the limited collections. I just know that when they were going to launch Jimmy Choo for H&M you could buy the blue cage shoes only in the one store for all the country. Well… I’ve also checked the UK and there were few stores with these heels in London only. Not saying about the rest of the UK. But no worries girl! I don’t know how it works in Croatia, but I heard that clothes in Polish H&Ms have much better quality than for example the UK.

  4. These items don’t really WOW me – Garden Collection really amazed me, I have about 90% of that collection, these spring items are just BLAH like A says.. I’m just patiently waiting for the accessory launch that Wendy has been so lucky to have first dibbs on! 🙂

  5. I just want to say that i think it’s unfair for the showroom to show these items and call them part of their upcoming spring collection when we have had some of these items in my store for months. I work for an H&M in California, i should know.

  6. I’d buy floral tights if they had them. I’m not really a fan of leggings. The striped bow dress is cute, but that’s about it for me.

  7. I’ve actually found that the best is H&M in China. Got a great dress and ruffley top there that were way ahead with the trends. Love them!

  8. help!
    please, I have been hunting EVERYWHERE for this one dress that is a part of the collection shown here.
    It is not a form fitting dress, but it is rather drapey. It is light and silk-like in texture. It is a bright, neon peachy orange color.
    The color is the same as the stripes on the striped dress on this page: http://nitrolicious.com/2010/04/05/hm-sp
    if anyone has a link, photo, anything that can help me find this dress, please share! THANK YOU<3

  9. So glad i found this blog….theres a dress on here that i wanted to get last year but it was never brought into the shops over here! Its the black and orange bodycon one…i was so gutted! If anyone has any possible links as to where id find it (new or used!) id appreciate it 🙂

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