Big Nike High Women’s – Valentine’s Day 2010 Editions


A number of Valentine’s Day sneakers have already dropped with V-Day fast approaching, this week, one of the more interesting shoes coming out are the above Women’s Big Nike High. The pair that we received in the mail (Thanks Zach!) are actually purposely mismatched to show that they can be worn as such but they are sold as matching pairs. Turns out Lanie (Hellz Bellz) received the other mismatched set. On the right shoe is an image of “Nike” the Goddess of Victory and on the tongue of the left shoe is a poem by the lady who designed the color scheme.  Boys if you still haven’t gotten your ladies a V-Day present, look for these at Nike Sportswear retailers now.







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  1. I want!

  2. awwwww how cute!!!! =)

  3. These are fresh!!! I totally forwarded this to my boo (*hint hint*) Def my favorite pair of VDAY shoes I’ve seen so far…..

  4. these are cute but i wish both sneakers were hot pink :-[

  5. So so nice…………… want want want!!

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