Olsenboye by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen for JCPenney Launch Event


Last night I went by to Norwood for the celebration of the Olsenboye for JCPenney launch. I wasn’t sure if Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were going to be there but as I approached the door I saw Justin Bartha so I knew they were inside. I was super excited already, you guys all know how I feel about them lol. It was seriously a great night. Why? For those that follow my Twitter already know that I finally got a chance to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (together), as if that wasn’t the highlight of the night…I also got to take a pic with Mary-Kate! I’ve also posted a live post on retrogurl.com of the twins on stage during the event, I’ll be doing a lot of live posts on there. They looked great as usual. As I mentioned yesterday, the Olsenboye spring 2010 collection is currently available at JCPenney stores and jcp.com. And if you got design skills, definitely enter the design contest.

Amazing, love the twins…they’re super sweet and fun. I believe Mary-Kate was wearing the Chanel spring 2010 clogs, but I’m not exactly sure since her dress and coat was floor length. Fun! More pics and video after the jump…


Liz Sweeney, Mary Kate Olsen, Jane Siskin, Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Amy Astley




Justin Bartha and Liz Sweeney

Liz Sweeney, Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

Liz Sweeney, Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

Liz Sweeney, Mary Kate Olsen (those look like Chanel clogs, right?) and Ashley Olsen

Steve Madden, Jane Siskin, Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

Jane Siskin, Mary Kate Olsen (isn’t she so cute here) and Ashley Olsen

Jane Siskin, Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen


All untagged photos courtesy of Patrick McMullan

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  1. they’re so cute!!!
    looks like it was a fun event!

  2. so cute! does anyone know who makes amy astley’s shoes? they are love.


  3. omg!!! you are so lucky!
    I remember when you meet Ashley at Mango party 2008.
    I can’t believe now again!! I’m so jealousy!
    Great pictures!!

  4. Impressive! You keep meeting such wonderful celebrities! This must be sooooo cool! :-)

  5. Okay Im not sure if I like you right now, Im way too jealous that you got to meet MK! Damn, you lucky girl you! I would seriously love to meet the twins one day.

  6. OMG! I got excited for you. That’s sooo exciting. You’re sooo lucky. Did you get the chance to chat with them? How was it?

  7. pemora, amy’s shoes are Tabitha Simmons. They are the Josephine Nero shoe, although they no longer have that color.

  8. does it bum you out to be such a gross little blogger with the most awful personality when you’re standing near girls with such amazing cutting edge style and business sense

  9. how exciting your nights must be :-) ignore the haters..

  10. ^ what a weird comment?!

    anywho, this is so cool. gosh does Ashley look so pretty

  11. oh wow i love justin bartha!! & mk&ashley look fab as always
    that`s a great pic u took with her

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