Jonathan Saunders for Topshop Spring 2010 Collection


Last month you’ve seen a preview of the Topshop spring 2010 collaborations, here’s a quick update. First to release is the Jonathan Saunders collection consisting of five pieces in denim and devore which is slated to release this weekend on and is set to hit the SoHo, NYC store tomorrow, January 22nd.

Geometric shapes and block colours run throughout the collection. A denim pencil skirt and matching cropped strapless basque are in panelled denim dyed in three different jean colours. They work perfectly when worn together, and can also be styled to great effect apart. A geometric devore grid design runs down the full length of a black body-conscious full length dress, a sweatshirt and a loose-fitting jersey tee, great for relaxed urban living.

Jonathan comments: “My collection for Topshop this season has been inspired by sportswear and workwear, as well as the bold and graphic shapes of the Memphis movement. It’s perfect for urban city dewellers”.






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  1. Lovin the denim skirt I used to have one like that in the 90’s, I guess I will be digging it back out.

  2. ummm… i like the t-shirt?

  3. do not want

  4. why do his collections suck so much… when will they end!

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