Barbie by Comme des Garçons


Christian Louboutin isn’t the only one dressing up Barbie, Rei Kawakubo is too. According to Dazed Digital, this limited edition Barbie forms part of the Barbie Collector Platinum Label Collection, and comes in a new box featuring the Jingle Flowers print. The Comme des Garçons’ Barbie doll is dressed in a sleeveless silk-lined floral dress in the Jingle Flowers photo-style printed graphic which already sold out in Tokyo last week. Don’t fret more is arriving to all other CdG stores including London’s Dover Street Market for £225, about US$340. Loves it.

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  1. barbie loubie kicks cdg ass :D

  2. must be one the prettiest things Rei has ever designed…

  3. The image used on Barbies dress is mine.
    You can see the original on my flickr a/c.
    I can’t get over how many items the image was used.
    Thank you to Yoichi Imai for sending me some of the items including the Barbie.

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