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Friday, December 4, 2009 by Wendy Lam

A little shameless self-promotion, I’m the latest “Blogging Babe” on‘s Slave To Fashion daily style blog. There’s a funny story behind this feature, it’s actually a year late lol. No, I wasn’t procrastinating (don’t think anyone would wait a year), just so happens that this email was sent to an email address I didn’t realize I had (yes, I have many)! So last month when I had email problems, I checked my server and found this request. Big thanks to Tracey from Glamour for the feature. Check out the feature here.


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18 thoughts on “nitro:licious is’s Blogging Babe

  1. Congrats! One comment though. You said that you feel bloggers have less obligation to their advertisers and can be more vocal about their opinions, yet I’ve never actually read a negative opinion from you about any of the products you’ve received or tested out at events. I think that you could really be a little more critical, because you couldn’t possibly love everything.

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