H&M Women’s Spring 2010 Look Book

Photography: Peter Gehrke

I know you ladies have been waiting patiently for this especially after seeing the H&M spring 2010 men’s look book, here it is! Thanks to Les Mads, we’ve got an early sneak peek of the spring collection featuring model Katrin Thormann. Spring is in the air with floral prints, bright colors, white on white, ethnic prints, khaki, bold jewelry and sunglasses, and of course sexy shoes. Are you ready for spring? Lovely…can’t wait!

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  1. I only like the wooden and gold bangeles everything ELSE I’ll pass

  2. I like the white jacket on the second pic :)

  3. well, the jewelery is nice….but that’s about all IMO

  4. Looking good :) I love the blazers and silky dresses, can’t wait for it to arrive at my local H&M.

  5. Most of the things from the first site look really pretty. These on the second site are just not my thing. Except the shoes!

  6. there’s no way I will be wearing this

  7. The grey dress is stunning, love all the big shoulders on these items, and those shades are pretty interesting.

  8. wow, the sunglasses

  9. flowers are very pretty !!!

  10. a poncho ???? lol

  11. ^^^^ ive seen alot of ponchos in stores recently… its scary i thought we would never see them again!

  12. I’d wear that green printed dress… Everything else would probably not flatter me at all

  13. gray. drapey. dress.


  14. Hey, does anyone know how much the fourth picture is?
    you can e-mail me at fashioncontagious@gmail.com. I really want it for grad!

  15. I would really love to buy any of these pieces if you have them in the smallest size or any size i will buy it please~~!!!!!!!! alexvngo@msn.com

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