Sex and The City 2 Style: Sarah Jessica Parker

Photography via Celebrity Paradise

Since Gossip Girl has been stealing all the shine while Sex and The City was on hiatus, Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw is finally back on set filming for Sex and The City 2 with some new looks yesterday. SJP was rockin’ three looks, nothing too exciting just yet but I do love her Chanel clutch and Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps. I can’t wait to see more!

SATC2 is scheduled to release on May 28, 2010! Stay tuned for more style sightings…

More pics after the jump…




Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps








Rockin’ Jee Vice “Heated” Sunglasses

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  1. Sarah J. is sooooo gorgeous and hot! And that Chris Noth: Why is he not the “Sexiest Man Alive” anyway?

  2. what?they’re back with a second movie?0.oouuhh, can’t wait to see it:)

  3. love SJP! I’m guessing the looks with the curly hair and cutoff sweater is for a flash back scene of when she first came to NYC.

  4. I love the sporty look – my next goal is to find a sweater like this :)

  5. omg in shot #8 ( white jeans and white top) she looks like Glen Close from Fatal Attraction!!!

  6. Oh man… God, please bless me with a load of money so I can buy countless pairs of Louboutins.

  7. I love SJP’s/Carrie Bradshaw’s style. I can’t wait until SATC 2 comes out.

  8. Love the new curly hair look, different and hot.

  9. GG is for little kids…so what if they carry expensive bags…they have no style or grace like SATC….don’t place that two together

  10. i absolutely loveee sjp.. but another satc movie? i wonder what its gonna be about! but i am veryy excitteedddd

  11. I don’t know. Slap me for my blasphemy but I think the heels are too high to be good proportioned and Madame looks like she’s on her way to some madonna-ish forearms – a tingle too skinny to look healthy. My two cents.
    But love the colour-combination with the blue dress and: Have you seen the stunning moss-green suitcase she is pulling … ?!

  12. I love the first look….but the I think she borders looking ridiculous in the second two. The flashdance look shouldn’t be worn by someone who probably wore the trend the first time around and the blue dress is too short for someone that age (sorry, but I’m older than her and believe fully in dressing with an edge, but….)

  13. God knows i loved the 1st movies, seen it countless times, pure fashion orgasm with some of the outfits Carrie sports, im a little concerned with the sequel. If plot includes big/carrie break up…AGAIN…i will not watch it…no matter how fabulous the fashion is, and from what i see…i dont think it will be up to the SATC 1st movie par.

  14. That is what 40ish year old arms look like. I agree she could put on some weight, tho. She still looks gorgeous!

  15. I love that hot pink hobo in the last shots – any idea who makes it?

  16. why she has an iphone in the flashback? or is it a clutch?

  17. She’s more beautiful than ever here really.

  18. sarah is old as shit, but she still gets it. lol!

  19. I loooooooooove the blue dress! I just pre-ordered it through! Can’t wait to receive the dress and flaunt it like Sarah does. They also had the white deep v neck dress but I thought blue would look better on me.

  20. Some of these are wondered me.

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