Jimmy Choo for H&M Over The Knee Boots

Monday, August 31, 2009 by Wendy Lam

After H&M announced Jimmy Choo as the next designer guest collaboration back in June, I’ve been desperately waiting to see what the collection will look like. Finally, TFS (thanks to reader lucy 92 for the tip) posted an image of a pair of over the knee boots from the collection which is perfect for the fall season, the boots retail for 1799 DKK (about US$345). Assuming at that price point, the boots are real leather and $345 for a pair of over the knee Choos, better snag them up quick! The collection will include shoes, bags, accessories for both men and women, and a women’s clothing collection to complement the accessories. This marks the first time that H&M is collaborating with an accessories brand. The limited edition collection will be available from November 14, 2009 in around 200 H&M stores across the world. Would you try to buy these boots? Stay tuned for more info forthcoming…

> Jimmy Choo for H&M

UPDATE: Just got word from Jennifer (H&M PR) that this pair of over the knee boots are indeed real leather and costs US$299. Start saving people!

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13 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo for H&M Over The Knee Boots

  1. I wish they would’ve used a suede or microfiberish material at least. would’ve been hotter. I hate the way their “leather” looks. and thats a lot of “leather” to half step with.

  2. i dont like these boots in particular, but im very excited for the collection!

    by the way, whats been going on with the divived exclusive collection? its august 31 and i havent seen it in stores and im guessing u havent either since u havent done a post on it yet

  3. These are a little overpriced and have not so much of a classy look. If you’re looking for some over the knee/thigh high boots from $69-$99
    victoriassecret.com has many selections of those type and don’t look trashy.

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