Nike Gladiateur Mid Sandals


When I first saw these Nike Gladiateur Mid Sandals (here and here) I was immediately obsessed with them. These are the perfect fusion of a sneaker and gladiator sandal which is both fashionable and comfortable. I’ve been wanting these for months and I finally got them! I received this special delivery from Nike last week and immediately put it on, it is super kawaii and comfy, perfect for the Summer. I think I may need all the colors! The unique design is truly amazing, I hope Nike continues with this style and brings more colorways in the upcoming seasons. Thanks DW!

The Nike Gladateur Mid Sandals are currently available in three colorways: black, metallic silver and white for $84 at Don’t sleep on these, they’re HOT!

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  1. I LOVE these!!! Ugh, I want a pair..

  2. these are cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. I LOVE EM’ especially cuz I’m a nike girl!

  4. When I first saw these, I though they were so ugly! But they look good on you :)

  5. Great Idea! They are fab. and sleek.

  6. These came out a long time ago

  7. They look sooooo comfy.

  8. Wendy, girl you made my day..Didn’t know they were going to release these past selling them at Colette a few months ago.

  9. FML, i just bought these on ebay for $150 last month!!!!! so pissed.

  10. I wrote about these on my blog– they are adorable!

  11. omgawd they look even better on feet!!
    they are so dope and look amazing on u
    2 kute

  12. i’ve seen them on ebay in a red colourway, and also blue…. do you know if these fakes??
    love the blog!

  13. yessss. I’ve been waiting for these too. gotta cop them but it sucks that they came out so late in the summer season :(

  14. They look a lot better on than I imagined!

  15. These are the first Nike shoes I fall in love with right way!

  16. OH my gooood
    What happen to the black ones? I went to the store and only found white. No way I really need the black ones. I am sad:( Anyone please? Help me find the black ones!!!

  17. just bought these on ebay and they are SICKKKKKKKKKKKK

  18. Nice, but don’t forget that a females “Toe Game” has to be on point in order to pull these off!………..We fellas be watching, so don’t embarrass ya selfs ladies, come correct or get CLOWNED ;)

  19. Wonderful, These are very nice. Thnx

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