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STATUS Magazine, a bi-monthly independent youth culture magazine based in Manila, Philippines has just released their “Hearts Fashion” Issue 08 with Lady Gaga on the cover and an interview with yours truly. This is their first style issue so I’m honored to be featured in their magazine along with other fresh faces for this issue. Thanks to Vicky and the STATUS team.

More pics after the jump…

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  1. Congratulations, Wendy!


  3. Congratulations, Wendy! How exciting! You are awesome!

  4. ooohh exciting, congrats!

  5. Nice one! Keep up the good work!

  6. All hard work has its pay offs. Congrats! We’ll be reading !!!

  7. congrats Wendy…i hope one day my blog can be just as successful as yours!! Wish me luck=) xoAG

  8. congratulations!:) omedetto!!!

  9. congratulations!

  10. Congrats Wendy!!! Very much deserved. keep up the great work. your readers luv ya =))

  11. Niceeeee! Thanks for the shout out! See told you so and here you are getting bigger than me!

  12. omg! we’re in the same issue! lol – but i only got one page – womp womp wooooomp HAHAHAHA

  13. Congrats grrl! Keep it up!

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