Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 Handbags Collection

Stardust Cecilia Bag, Retail: $1,475

Fall goods are starting to trickle into stores now, it seems like summer hasn’t event started for us in NYC. Here’s a look at the what to expect from the Marc Jacobs fall 2009 handbags collection, I’m glad he’s still continuing with the Stam bag- that’s one of my favorites. Are you liking the “stardust” on the bags? for fall will you go for something more crazy or more classic? Most of the styles are available at Marc Jacobs stores, and

More pics after the jump…

Stardust Stam Bag, Retail: $1,450

Stardust Beat Bag, Retail: $1,150

Stardust Rock Bag, Retail: $995

The Large Single Bag, Retail: $625

Classic Little Lola, Retail: $875


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  1. The star dust is pretty, but seriously enough with the same old bags, wheres the new?

  2. I love the first bag! Super YUM

  3. That Stardust Cecilia Bag is GORGEOUS !

  4. I NEED that blue STAM bag or the Red Lola in my life! I LOVE Marc Jacobs Bags! Maybe one day I can be a big girl and purchase one! LOL

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